Ten Things I’m Grateful For

With all that is going on at the moment and it being such a difficult time for me and my family, as I am sure it is for so many, I have been trying very hard to focus on gratitude. This made me think about a post I wrote on my blog in 2018. AlthoughContinue reading “Ten Things I’m Grateful For”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Five

Since starting my mindfulness journey I have come across a lot of very useful information and resources. I fully believe in the Margaret Fuller quote “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”, which is why rather than share a mindfulness activity today, I am going to share a selection of mindfulnessContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Five”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Four

My CBT therapist introduced me to mindfulness with an audio CD. I had done some reading around the area previously, but I found being guided through activities vocally much more focusing at times than reading about them. The activity I share today, is a very short version of the first exercise I practised when listeningContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Four”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Two

This week has been a bit of a trickier week for me, as my shoulder, neck and back injury started to play up again. This has caused several problems: I have not been able to be as active, I have been unable to look after my children as I would wish and this has triggeredContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Two”

Mindfulness Monday – Week One

Mindfulness has been very important to me during this past year. It has helped me feel less overwhelmed, positively changed the way I think and feel about experiences, increased my ability to manage difficult situations, reduced levels of anxiety, depression and stress, helped me to control over thinking and given me greater self-compassion. Now, that soundsContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week One”

Ten Things I’m Grateful For – Mental Well Being Challenge

I’ve decided to take part in the PANDAS Foundation Mental Well Being #20daychallenge. I thought Day 2’s challenge of journaling ‘10 things you’re grateful for’, would be perfect to use as this week’s blog post. So, here are my 10 things I feel grateful for:   My children – DB1 and DB2 My children areContinue reading “Ten Things I’m Grateful For – Mental Well Being Challenge”