Ten Things I’m Grateful For

With all that is going on at the moment and it being such a difficult time for me and my family, as I am sure it is for so many, I have been trying very hard to focus on gratitude. This made me think about a post I wrote on my blog in 2018. AlthoughContinue reading “Ten Things I’m Grateful For”

This Morning (An Honest Mental Health Post)

I was intending to write this post as a Wellness Wednesday about my self-care routine, but as you can see it is now Thursday and I am only just posting. If I’m being completely honest my self-care this week has not been the best, to be frank I’ve felt pretty crap. At the weekend DB2Continue reading “This Morning (An Honest Mental Health Post)”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Four

My CBT therapist introduced me to mindfulness with an audio CD. I had done some reading around the area previously, but I found being guided through activities vocally much more focusing at times than reading about them. The activity I share today, is a very short version of the first exercise I practised when listeningContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Four”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Three

The past week has been incredibly busy with going away to the beautiful venue pictured above for Mr P’s birthday and then coming home to the realities of ill children. This means mindfulness has taken a bit of a back seat as has writing blog posts. So, it is quite nice now to sit downContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Three”