Toddler Tales – April 2019

The Explorer As the weather has started to improve recently, we have been venturing outdoors much more. I try to get outside with the boys as much as possible, because a whole day inside has them both climbing up the walls and me ready to huddle up into a ball by the end of theContinue reading “Toddler Tales – April 2019”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Five

Since starting my mindfulness journey I have come across a lot of very useful information and resources. I fully believe in the Margaret Fuller quote “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”, which is why rather than share a mindfulness activity today, I am going to share a selection of mindfulnessContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Five”

Simple Oaty Cookies

I have made a very conscious effort recently to cut down on my waste, particularly my single use plastic waste. There are several ways I have started to do this, and I will share those in a separate post soon, but one way is to bake my own sweet treats instead of buying them. IContinue reading “Simple Oaty Cookies”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Four

My CBT therapist introduced me to mindfulness with an audio CD. I had done some reading around the area previously, but I found being guided through activities vocally much more focusing at times than reading about them. The activity I share today, is a very short version of the first exercise I practised when listeningContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Four”

Creamy Mushroom Soup

A wonderful friend bought me the Deliciously Ella Plant-Based Cookbook for my birthday, which I was over the moon with. As an anniversary surprise, Mr P cooked a completely vegan 3-course meal using recipes from this book. For the starter he made the Creamy Mushroom Soup and it has been a firm favourite in ourContinue reading “Creamy Mushroom Soup”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Three

The past week has been incredibly busy with going away to the beautiful venue pictured above for Mr P’s birthday and then coming home to the realities of ill children. This means mindfulness has taken a bit of a back seat as has writing blog posts. So, it is quite nice now to sit downContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Three”

Toddler Tales – March 2019

Ah, toddlerhood… it has been a while since I wrote about you, but one thing is for sure, you are always interesting. Since the last time I wrote a Toddler Tales post, DB2 has definitely been busy. He’s grown, explored, learned, destroyed and continued to keep us on our toes every minute of the day.Continue reading “Toddler Tales – March 2019”

Mindfulness Monday – Week Two

This week has been a bit of a trickier week for me, as my shoulder, neck and back injury started to play up again. This has caused several problems: I have not been able to be as active, I have been unable to look after my children as I would wish and this has triggeredContinue reading “Mindfulness Monday – Week Two”