The Blog Break

If you followed or read my blog, you would have noticed that part way through December I stopped posting. This blog break lasted a few months and that was for a number of different reasons.

One reason was that social media was becoming too dominant in my day to day life. When I started From Miss J to Mrs P, I was aware that having some social media presence was necessary but told myself I would not let it take me away from my purpose of starting the blog. With the best of intentions, this did not end up being the case and the addiction of Instagram and instant approval started to rear its head. This was not good for my mental health and defeated the purpose of starting the blog.

Another reason was that this suction into the world of social media and the feeling of needing to fit into a certain mould or niche, meant I started to feel I was deviating from what I actually wanted to write and post about on my blog, because I was more concerned with how it could and would appear on my feeds.

The final reason was that it took too much time and attention away from my family in a negative way. I never wanted to be the person with their phone attached to their hand, but when you’re in the social media bubble it’s easy to not realise that you haven’t looked up from a screen to pay attention to the people around you. This is something I never wanted to be guilty of, but when my eldest son started to make comments, I knew there was something wrong.

I made the decision to leave my blog for a while, so I could reflect on whether it was the right outlet for me at this moment in time. After nearly three months, I decided to write this post because I feel I can now approach From Miss J to Mrs P in a much more positive and relaxed manner. I am going to make sure I stick to my original reasons for starting the blog (viewing numbers, likes and comments be damned!) and write what is important to me to write.


Any and all support is deeply appreciated, so follow if you want to read more of my posts, click like if you enjoy what you read and comment if you wish to ask a question, share your thoughts or just be generally lovely!


Thank you for reading.


Mrs P x x x

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