Blogmas – Day One

It is the start of Advent and that means many things: the beginning of the new church year, the commencement of the period where we prepare for Christmas, the arrival of Advent Calendars, the start of my Blogmas posts and the appearance of the always expected (perhaps dreaded, by some) elves.

This year I decided to buy a wooden Advent Calendar that I could fill myself. I wanted to try to create something a bit different and avoid the chocolate and toy filled calendars we had used in previous years. It was initially expense that led me to make this decision, as I wanted to invest in something that we could use for years to come, instead of buying a new calendar each year (especially when my eldest requests a Star Wars calendar every year!).

I decided that each day the calendar would either be filled with something or (because the drawers aren’t that big) our elf, Cheery, would leave a note in a drawer with clues about where he and the advent surprise are. The surprises will vary greatly, and some will be expense free, but hopefully it will make the lead up to Christmas an even more magical time for our family and help to affirm the true meaning of Christmas.

I have written this prior to the 1st December, so I have no idea how it will work out, but I will keep you informed in future Blogmas posts over the coming weeks or if you want a day to day account of our Advent and elf adventures, then follow my stories on Instagram @frommissjtomrsp.

Here’s to my first Blogmas! I have no idea what I have let myself in for, but I will be posting every day during Advent in the run up to Christmas. So, if you are interested in keeping up to date with my blog posts, please click the ‘Follow’ button on my blog page. If you like this post click the ‘Like’ button and leave a comment. I am also on Facebook and Instagram @frommissjtomrsp and Twitter @frommissjtomrs1.


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