Blogmas – Day Eleven & Twelve

As you can see we went to visit Father Christmas the other day and the picture we ended up with is anything but the perfect Instagrammable Christmas family photo I had in mind. Actually, it is better.

It was the first time that DB2 had been to a Santa’s Grotto and it was something that I really wanted to try to do this year. We had to go after school because DB1 understandably wanted to come with us. This meant it was approaching DB2’s tea time and a grouchy toddler was starting to emerge. As we went through the elf filled corridors that led to the grotto, both children were getting excited. DB2 hugged the mechanical Santa and stroked his dog, before pushing it over to my embarrassment, but then the wait began. This wait wasn’t too bad. I remember visiting Santa one year when DB1 was much younger, and we must have queued for nearly two hours before seeing the big man. This time it was only a fifteen-minute wait, but with a hungry and tired two-year-old, any waiting time feels like an eternity. We got through it though with DB2 running up and down the corridors, trying to touch everything and thrashing around like a dancing octopus when we tried to hold him.

By the time we went to see Father Christmas, DB2 could not wait. Upon entering the room and seeing the large man in red before him, his mind quickly changed. He initially refused to even look at Santa, let alone speak with him. That is when this photo was taken. If you look closely you will see DB2 clinging to Mr P. I don’t know how many picture attempts there were, but in every one bar this one DB2 purposely kept moving away from the camera as a protest. His picture dodging efforts were so amusing that I look like a shiny, laughing seal in the photo and Father Christmas isn’t even looking at the camera! In the end DB2 did warm up slightly and was willing to talk a little. After receiving and ripping open the present, he was even willing to give Santa a high five and say, “Bye, bye!”.

This is the reality of taking a young child to see Father Christmas and I don’t think this picture could have captured that any better. Does it meet my original expectations? No. But I actually love it so much more because of its imperfections. It represents our first experience of seeing Father Christmas as a family of four and so in my eyes it is perfect.


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