Blogmas – Day Seven & Eight

We spent a magical evening at a Christmas event at a National Trust park last night. We walked through the gardens that had been filled with amazing lights, music and effects. There were so many incredible lights you didn’t quite know where to look next, but it was so beautiful and Christmassy.

The children did love it, even though DB1 didn’t want to have to stand still because he had to see everything as quickly as possible, and DB2 was so overwhelmed that after running and laughing at lights, every now and then he would just stop and cry. I don’t think it helped that DB2 had been woken up from his car nap, it was past his bed time and he hadn’t had a proper tea because we were eating afterwards.


We were very lucky with the weather, because although it was cold, it was dry. I was worried that it was going to rain, which I think would have spoilt it slightly, but thankfully we got to really enjoy everything without feeling wind swept and wet.


I didn’t get to take too many pictures because keeping an eye on both children took priority and I also wanted to enjoy as much as possible. There were so many memorable moments: the huge light ball field was incredible, the children loved the dangly lights, the competition to find your reindeer was so much fun and I think my favourite was the water fountain light display which was timed perfectly to music. Afterwards, we went to the Courtyard and had a bite to eat with some hot chocolate, or in my case mulled wine. It was honestly such a fabulous event and we will definitely be going again next year.


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Mrs P x x x




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