Blogmas – Day Three

Today is Christmas decorating day! Our elf knew this so brought a lovely toy nativity with him to place in our living room. I always want to have a nativity in the house, but the one we usually use is pottery and is likely to break if my toddler just so much as looks at it. I want the nativity to be something my children can interact with and not just look at from a distance. I remember playing with our nativity and retelling the story being one of my favourite things to do at Christmas, and I feel it introduced me to the reason we celebrate in an accessible way. So, I thought a wooden toy nativity from The Early Learning Centre would be perfect, and I was right. My youngest (DB2) loved finding it with the elf this morning and has enjoyed playing with all the wooden characters, while taking the stable apart and trying to pry the baby Jesus from his crib. I have told him he is attached to it, but he is still very determined.

This Christmas a lot has needed to be adapted thanks to DB2 and his destructive ways. Besides a new nativity, I have also bought brand new baubles. The baubles we have used previously are glass, which with a toddler is a disaster waiting to happen. To avoid any breakages, I have chosen wooden, fabric and plastic ornaments that hopefully will withstand the pulling, dropping, shaking, climbing and banging that will undoubtedly take place. I’m sure he will find some way of causing chaos with the Christmas ornaments, but at the moment I am hopeful, or maybe in denial, that everything will be fine.

In my mind I want decorating the house to be full of peace and joy, but in reality, once those tree lights come out of the box, all hell breaks loose. I don’t know if it is just my family that finds putting lights on the tree incredibly stressful, but since I was a child this has been the case. I do become a woman possessed, because every year there is something wrong with the lights. Whether it is that they don’t work, or they are impossible to untangle and the more you try the worse it gets, or a row, just a row is not working and you have a gap of light missing, so now you have to buy a new set anyway because you can’t replace the bulbs! I can already say that this year has been no different and we have had to take an impromptu visit to the garden centre today to buy new lights, because both sets weren’t working. Now that we have sorted out the problem though, I can go back to my nostalgic Christmas decorating routine, confident in the knowledge that I shouldn’t have to worry about Christmas lights for another year.

If you want to find out how our Christmas decorating went and see the finished product, read tomorrow’s Blogmas post. To make sure you don’t miss any future posts, click the ‘Follow’ button on my blog page. If you like this post click the ‘Like’ button and leave a comment. I am also on Facebook and Instagram @frommissjtomrsp and Twitter @frommissjtomrs1.

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Mrs P x x x

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