Blogmas – Day Two

Our elf delivered something special today. He brought our box for the Reverse Advent Calendar that our family will be doing. I love the idea of this, as it will allow the children to put something into the box every day that can eventually be given to a charity for those in need. We have decided to donate our box to a charity that supports the homeless, so each day our elf will bring an item/items that will be of use to this charity, and the children will place them in the box. I am hoping by the end of Advent our box will be filled with lots of things to give away.

As wonderful as it is that my children enjoy receiving things from their Advent Calendar, I also want this period to be a time of giving and helping others. I feel by taking part in the Reverse Advent Calendar, they are thinking about those in need and reflecting on how they can help them, instead of just focusing on what they will receive.

Although we have always donated to charities during this time of year, we have never done this before. So, I am very excited to see how the children will respond over the coming weeks. My eldest son (DB1) was incredibly sweet this morning when he found the elf sitting in the box on the kitchen table clinging to a tin of peas. After reading the letter Cheery Elf had written explaining everything about the Reverse Advent Calendar, DB1 gave me a huge hug. When I asked what was wrong he said, “Nothing. It’s just really nice”. He does make my heart melt sometimes.

I hope this is a sign of things to come and they will really benefit from doing this. If you want to see what we fill our box with over the coming days and weeks, then follow my stories on Instagram @frommissjtomrsp and I will make sure to write another post on my blog just before we donate our box. So, if you are interested in keeping up to date with my blog posts, please click the ‘Follow’ button on my blog page. If you like this post click the ‘Like’ button and leave a comment. I am also on Facebook and Instagram @frommissjtomrsp and Twitter @frommissjtomrs1.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs P x x x

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