Toddler Tales – Week Four

Toddler Down – Another week of no sleep

My poor little one has had a bit of a rough week. After struggling to sleep at all in his new bed, on Sunday he started being sick. He was really off colour for the next day and refused to eat nearly everything until Friday. I think the refusal to eat was fuelled by his back teeth coming through, seeing as every time he would put some food in his mouth it would be followed by a cry and him pointing and shouting “mouth!”.

This has meant we have also not had the best week in terms of sleep again and it is really taking its toll. So many things are affected when you don’t sleep. I injured my neck, shoulder and back in an accident a number of months ago, and since not sleeping properly over the past two weeks, the injury has started to get worse. Yesterday, I was really struggling to move, which with a very energetic toddler is so hard. He doesn’t understand and so can’t alter his behaviour accordingly. I hate feeling as though I can’t do everything I need to and should do as a mum, so yesterday started as a bit of a down day. Thanks to my wonderful mum, who helped me out, it got a lot better and after a good night’s sleep (you heard that right he slept through the whole night!) I’m feeling better today.

DB2 also ate all his food yesterday. He didn’t refuse it or throw it around the room, he ate it! This is another reason to feel better too. It is so worrying when your baby/child is poorly and when they’re being sick or not wanting to eat, you feel so helpless. In my experience the being sick and refusal to eat is usually short lived, but obviously if you’re ever concerned don’t hesitate to get medical help.

One benefit of this week though, has been the extra cuddles. As horrible as it is when your child is poorly, they do definitely crave more affection. This is something I completely make the most of and have loved with DB2 this week, considering he is usually far too hyper and busy to bother with cuddles and kisses. I have had many this week and it has been the silver lining of the situation.


Toddler Up – Understanding consequences

This week has seen DB2 acting out in different ways a little more than usual. Tantrums have been less, but undesirable behaviour, such as hitting, pushing, throwing and biting have really taken centre stage. This has meant ‘Time Out’ has been used a number of times. DB2 is definitely at the age now where there has to be some consequence to actions and my favourite method to deal with this is ‘Time Out’ on ‘The Step’. I think Supernanny knew what she was doing, and I did use her method with my eldest which always worked a treat and I am continuing to use it with DB2 as well.

I now know DB2 understands his actions are wrong. The other day he had climbed on to a box of Duplo, which I asked him to get down from. Obviously, he refused and then attempted to hit me for my impertinence. After I told him not to hit, he stepped down from the box, walked to the door, opened it and went to sit on ‘The Step’ all by himself. I hadn’t indicated at this point he needed to go in ‘Time Out’, he took that upon himself and I have to say it was one of the funniest and cutest things I have seen him do.

I’m hoping this is a good development and means the option of choices can start to be introduced as a behavioural strategy. Only time will tell, but I’m pretty sure we still have much hitting, biting, pushing and throwing ahead of us, before ‘The Step’ will really work.


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