Ten Things I’m Grateful For – Mental Well Being Challenge

I’ve decided to take part in the PANDAS Foundation Mental Well Being #20daychallenge. I thought Day 2’s challenge of journaling ‘10 things you’re grateful for’, would be perfect to use as this week’s blog post. So, here are my 10 things I feel grateful for:


  1. My children – DB1 and DB2

My children are my everything. Since I found out I was pregnant with DB1, all I have wanted is to do my best for them. I am so grateful for both of them. They have given me so much purpose and joy. When I have struggled most with depression and anxiety, they were the stimulus that made me feel I needed to keep fighting to get through. They make me feel truly blessed and I couldn’t ask for more.


  1. My husband – Mr P

This man puts up with a lot. I admit I am not easy, but he manages and deals with me without a complaint. I honestly could not have done and got through everything I have without him. When I have been studying, working and healing, he has been there as a constant support and carer. He tries to understand and help when I have struggles with my mental health and is an incredible father. I do not think anyone could do better.


  1. My Parents – Grandma J and Grandad G

Again, they have put up with a lot, but have been nothing but supportive in every way. I don’t know where and what I would be without them. They are still the people I go to no matter what and I know they will always try to help and give me the best advice. They do so much for us and without them we would not be the family we are now or have been able to do all that we have.


  1. Family and Friends

We have amazing family and friends around us, who are always willing and wanting to help. During the past few years there have been those that have been a real and understanding support. Whether it’s helping with childcare, calling round for a brew and a chat, being on the end of the phone or checking in via emails or letters, I am so lucky to have these people in my life. They are my cheerleaders and are always there to encourage me.


  1. My Health

This year particularly, has tested my physical and mental health. After being in two accidents within the space of two months, which left me with back, shoulder and neck injuries, as well as leading to major problems with anxiety and depression, I can say I have a real appreciation for my health. It has taken a while to recover and I may never completely heal both physically and mentally, but I am in a much better place and I am very thankful.


  1. Time

I have been lucky enough to be in a position where I don’t need to work at this moment in time. That may not be the case forever, but I am making the most of it right now. This means I am able to stay at home with my children and really immerse myself in their growth and development. This is something I feel I really missed out on with my first son, because I was so busy studying for a degree and eventually working. I feel so fortunate I get this time now with my second son and I get to be there for my eldest as he goes through his final year in primary school and moves on to secondary school. I have realised that work and money are great, but they are no replacement for this time as it does just go so quickly, and you cannot get it back.


  1. My Faith

This is something incredibly important to me and something that has helped me and continues to help me daily. I think faith is very personal to every individual, but I honestly think whatever your faith (not necessarily just religious faith either), belief in something is vital.


  1. My Journey

Although it has not always been easy, I am so glad I have gone through everything I have. Without the bad and the good, I would not be the person I am now or in the place I am. I feel I am the most content, comfortable and assured I have ever been, and I know that would not be the case if everything that has happened had not.


  1. The people who inspire me

There are people that have been brave and strong enough to share their thoughts, choices and beliefs openly in order to influence and inform others. They are not always treated or acknowledged fairly, as unfortunately we live in a world where many do not like to admit their wrongs or feel the need to change their actions. I have been incredibly influenced in my life choices by certain people and I am very grateful that they have shared all they have and continue to share, in order to educate and change the planet for the better.


  1. This World

I am so glad I have reached a point in my life where I wake up every day grateful for the world around me. Thanks to my new outlook, I see the beauty of this world and the people within it daily and this not only makes me feel better, it makes me want to be better. I believe we are the caretakers of this planet. The Earth is not here for us, but rather we are here for it. Therefore, it is our duty to do the best we can in order to help it survive and the life within it. I find the concept of life a miracle as it is and so I am grateful to just be here and I believe I have a role to do as much for this world as possible. Even if that, for now, is just in simple actions such as changing my diet, buying more economically and ecologically friendly products and giving of myself to causes I feel I can be of use. I want to display my gratitude to this world as much as I can, so I know my actions will start to mirror these feelings even more.


I know this post may have become very deep and there may be those rolling their eyes at the over sentimentalism within it, but I have had some tough years, and this is the first time I have ever written about what I’m grateful for. It has been an incredibly beneficial exercise, as it has really made me stop and think of all the wonderful things I have around me. In day to day life we rarely give ourselves time to do this, I know I never actually have before, but as self-care is so important, I advise you to follow PANDAS lead and try to take some time to write about what you’re grateful for because it has really helped me today.



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Thank you for your support.


Mrs P x x x

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