Toddler Tales – Week Three


Toddler Down – I am a walking Mombie!

All I can say about this week is – I AM TIRED! This picture shows an incredibly sleepy mummy and toddler because DB2 has decided that it is time to climb out of his cot. This means we very quickly needed to turn his cot into a bed. This also means that he now cannot go to sleep without myself or Mr P being in the room.

A new bed is exciting, but a big change. Initially, running around the room and trying to jump off furniture on to the bed was the game. We have had to remove everything from DB2’s room, so that all that is left is the bed and a rug, to avoid any harm coming to him. This, at least, has taken the danger away, but hasn’t made nap or bed time any easier.

For the first few days/nights it took a long time to get him to sleep and stay in the bed. Once he was in bed, I stayed with him and stroked his back until he was asleep. At times this would happen a little faster, but within 30 minutes of him being asleep we would suddenly hear a distraught cry and be faced with an incredibly distressed two-year-old. We would go through the process of getting him to sleep again, only for the same thing to continue to happen. This happened constantly through the night, until Wednesday, when he finally only woke up once.

Now, he is sleeping through much better and only waking up once in the night, but it is taking about 3 hours to get him to sleep. This week has left us feeling as tired as we did when we were in the newborn stage, so has confirmed that we are not thinking about having another baby any time soon!


Toddler Up – Kids say the funniest things!

In the past week, DB2’s language has improved so much. He is picking up all sorts of words and trying really hard to put short sentences together.

He disappeared from his room the other day and ran into his brother’s room. Mr P went in and saw DB2 sitting on the bed with the blue, soft toy snake wrapped around him. “Look Daddy, blue snake! Ssssssssssssss,” shouted DB2 when he saw Mr P. He then carried the snake around the house and continued to repeat this sentence and snake impression for a good 20 minutes.

He is also understanding so much more. When Mr P asked, “Are you ok?” as he was going to bed last night, DB2 responded with a long sigh and “Fine”. We’re getting lots of “Yes please” and “Thank you Mummy” as well, which does melt my heart. This also means we’re getting a very definite and decisive “No!” quite a lot too, just to even everything out.

There are so many things he has said and done this week, but I think we’re too tired to actually recall them all. One thing is sure though, we are going to have to watch everything we say, because DB2 is also becoming a bit like a parrot and trying to copy so much. I mentioned that our meal contained chickpeas the other day, and that led to the word being repeated throughout the rest of the meal by DB2 in between each mouthful. Luckily, he hasn’t repeated anything undesirable yet, but we are going to have to be very conscious to avoid a potty mouthed toddler.


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