Toddler Tales – Week Two

I was going to write that this week was a much better week in terms of tantrums, but that was before our visit to Mothercare yesterday. Even though DB2 was rolling around on the floor screaming because we had to leave, I can say that has been the only major melt down of the week. That has to be an improvement, right? That isn’t going to be this week’s toddler up or down though, because quite a number of new developments have happened this week to make me smile and grimace in fear.


Toddler Down – I need eyes in the back of my head!

DB2 is incredibly physical. As soon as he realised he could move as a baby that was it, nothing stopped him. He was rolling, crawling, standing and walking all in very quick succession and by the time he was 10 months old. It is no surprise then, that now he is trying to find new ways of moving and his favourite at the moment is to climb up and into everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! This week has seen him climb into the TV unit, try to climb up the bookcase and climb onto any toy that is above floor height. I turned my back for a split second the other day and when I turned around he was sitting in the sink area of his IKEA kitchen watching Biggleton. That means he had used the shelf to climb on to the unit, then climbed into the space where the sink should be and was sitting on the shelf with his upper body poking out. This was quite a hilarious sight, but the fact he had done this so quickly was also pretty terrifying. Needless to say, I cannot and do not let him out of my sight. This is very difficult to cope with because it makes it a lot harder to get anything done during the day, but the fact he is so inquisitive to see what he is able to do is also great for his development.


Toddler Up – Being helpful

Although he very rarely stops moving, DB2 has been showing a real desire this week to help out around the house. He has loved dusting and sweeping for a long time, but this week he seemed to want to help in more ways. I was changing his nappy earlier in the week and he is now very aware of the process we go through. So much so, that he passed me a nappy sack when I had taken his nappy off, he then handed me the wipes and held on to one for when I needed it and finally passed me the nappy. This is a great improvement to the usual nappy changing fiasco, which feels as though you are trying to change a freshly caught fish. So, I’m hoping this may continue.

Another moment of toddler helpfulness, was as I was trying to sort out the clothes yesterday. I was trying to gather DB1’s clothes together for his camping trip from the clean clothes basket. DB2 saw me doing this and thought he would give a helping hand. He came over and started to pull every item of clothing from the basket and put it on to the couch. Now, in reality this wasn’t overly helpful because I was trying to separate clothes and he had just piled all the clothes on top of each other, mixing up the already sorted clothes again. I didn’t mind this though, because his intention was a good one and he just wanted to be involved in helping with the washing. Even after he had done this, he did spend a few minutes moving clothes into separate piles, so he was showing how much he had observed and wanted to try to take part. It didn’t last overly long and before I knew it he was walking around the living room with the basket on his head, but the moment was a good one nonetheless.


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2 thoughts on “Toddler Tales – Week Two”

  1. I’m sorry but the image of db2 sitting watching tv in that tiny sink has really made me laugh this morning, however I’m sure for you it’s a nightmare not to be able to turn around for a second.
    Really enjoyed the 2nd in your toddler tales, look forward to hearing more x

    Liked by 1 person

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