Hi, I’m Mrs P and yes, I have decided to start a blog.

I have two children who for now will be called Darling Boy 1 (DB1) and Darling Boy 2 (DB2).

I found out I was pregnant soon after starting university and gave birth to my first son when I was 19. So, I was quite a young mum. He is now 10 years old and since giving birth I returned to university, married Mr P, got my degree, studied for a PGCE and became a teacher.

I then became pregnant with DB2 and struggled greatly with ante-natal depression and anxiety. During that time I started to follow some mummy vloggers and mummy bloggers and they really helped me. It has been a long journey since becoming pregnant for the second time, but I am now, after going back to work, overcoming injuries and having anxiety and depression relapses, in a place where I feel I want to share some of my experiences in the hope that they will help support and encourage other people who are going through similar difficulties or just need to read about someone whose life isn’t all together but is trying to get through.

My life is anything but Instagrammable. I don’t have the perfect house, I don’t look perfect, I have huge insecurities with my face and body and my clothes and style are not perfect. In the past, due to my severe perfectionist disorder, not having the perfect life or being able to do everything perfectly caused me many years of low self-esteem and unhappiness. But today I am so happy to embrace all the imperfections because I can now acknowledge and accept that life isn’t and cannot be perfect and I honestly have never been happier.

So, if like me you find that the best blogs to read and vlogs to watch are the ones from people who seem real, then I’m hoping you might find some comfort and enjoyment following me.

I’m hoping my experiences as a mum (one as a first-time teenage mum and the other as a second-time mum in my late twenties), my struggles with anxiety and depression, being a working mum and more recently a stay at home mum will make for good reading. Because if my experiences, stories, advice and thoughts can help someone else as other vlogs and blogs have helped me, then I will be very happy.


Mrs P x x x